Our Aims

 The broad aims of Birchfield Nursery

The first aim of Birchfield nursery is to provide a safe, stimulating,accessible environment that supports enjoyment, engagement fun and development.


*  provide a broad varied and balanced curriculum, which is relevant to the child. This should be well organised yet flexible enough to cater for individual needs, interest and ability, and lead in a logical progression to the experiences that will follow in primary school within the framework of the National Curriculum.

*provide learning through imaginative well structured play and first hand learning experiences, giving young children the opportunity to explore and discover for themselves whilst developing skills of  numeracy, literacy, mathematical, technological and scientific thinking, and creative and aesthetic awareness.

*provide a positive environment and welcoming atmosphere which ensures children feel secure and invites curiosity whilst stimulating language. To present learning opportunities in an attractive way which is relevant to the child’s age and stage of development and which makes learning fun, and enables children to enjoy and achieve their potential.

* encourage children to have a feeling of self worth and value, respecting the feelings of others. To provide opportunities so that positive personal, social and moral attitudes and establish each child’s individual contribution should be valued.

* keep children safe and healthy through carefully planned activities and our commitment to healthy foods, drinks, tooth care and exercise.

* ensure equality of opportunity is an integral part of good educational practice within the nursery, allowing each child the opportunity to develop towards their fullest potential respecting religion, race, gender, family style abilities and disabilities.

* have well trained staff to plan, organise and extend the children’s learning, confidence, independence and language.

* ensure the staff feel confident, valued and vital to the team effort. To develop their skills and experience through in-service training, management support and relevant resources.

* respect and value parents and families as the child’s first educators and encourage them to contribute to the life of the nursery with their time, skills, resources or ideas. To keep parents informed of the work of the school and progress of their child.

* develop links with the local community enabling children and their families to benefit from contact with a wider environment, enabling children to make a positive contribution to their community in their future lives.

*  maintain and develop links with other pre-school groups, agencies and primary schools to enable the smooth transition from one stage of the child’s education to another.

* maintain and develop links will the governing body and LA drawing upon their knowledge, expertise and support for the benefit of the children.

* are committed to the protection of all its pupils through rigorous safeguarding procedures.

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