The Woodland Suite (15 hours rooms) 2020 - 2021

Mrs Barrow

Mrs Barrow

Assistant Headteacher
SLE (Early Years)
Read Write Inc Lead
Curriculum Lead
Paediatric First Aid

Children in our Woodland Suite are able to access fully an exciting,challenging,stimulating enabling enviroment that encompassess rooms 1-4 here at birchfield. Each room has a core focus; Room 1 is our 'Studio' where children can excperince a range of media and artictic activities and opportunities. room 2 is the Construction zone filled with a host of enticing construction materials that allow children to explore shape, space and measure in a hands on way. Room 3 is our sensory area where you will find sand and water and our snack area. Room 4 is 'Our House' where children bring their home experiences to life in a child-sized version of home.

Of course we mustn't  forget our fabulous outdoor area that we access whatever the weather (extremes excluded!) Chioldren are fully encouraged to put on their waterproofs (We have plenty) pull on tgheir wellies and head outdoors where you will discover all kinds of outdoor wonders! Mud kitchen, gardening area,places to climb and build and a calming meditatiuon corner and reading hut for when you just want to relax and unwind.

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